Cocktails, Free Food and Other Tax Day Deals

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Cocktails, Free Food and Other Tax Day Deals On tax day, corporate America feels your pain. Providers of everything from French fries to cocktails to hotel rooms to apple-scented urinal screens reading "Abolish The IRS" will be going out of their way Tuesday to try to make you feel better (or less bad, at least) and having to fork over your money to Uncle Sam. "No taxation without relaxation" says one sympathetic hotel chain's slogan. Some upscale deals are aimed at "the one percent," others at "the 99 percent." You'll find a wide assortment of deals, freebies and limited-time offers on the pages that follow. Some apply only to April 15th. Others run longer. For details, for restrictions, and to find out whether or not a coupon may be required, we suggest you contact each provider to confirm what terms apply.

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