'Hug-A-Thug'? NC Labor Embraces Voters

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'Hug-A-Thug'? NC Labor Embraces Voters 'Hug-A-Thug'? NC Labor Embraces Voters While unions across the country celebrate workers with picnics and "thank you" cards this Labor Day, members of North Carolina's AFL-CIO are showing locals and Dems just off the plane for the convention a little love. With the Democratic National Convention kicking off tomorrow, union activists are giving out free hugs to show a more compassionate side of labor at the "Thug-A-Hug" booth during Carolina Fest in Charlotte, N.C. Jeremy Sprinkle, communications director for North Carolina State AFL-CIO, are for "not just Democrats, but anybody in the city." "Right wing politicians and anti-union folks in general, [South Carolina Governor] Nikki Haley for example but certainly not just her, like to dehumanize union members as being thugs and not who they are," Sprinkle said. "This initiative is not about legislation, policy or politics," North Carolina State AFL-CIO president James Andrews said in a statement. "It's something more fundamental, which is to reach out to all Americans with the message that unions – working people standing up together – share the same values around hard work that drives America forward."

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