50th Anniversary of Fallen Griffith Officer Observed

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Lt Tex Minter
You will find the name of Texas Minter among the names of over 19,000 other law enforcers who are honored at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington D.C. for their dedication and sacrifice.
According to the Griffith Police Department, it was 50 years ago on Friday, December 20th when, in the line of duty, Lt. Minter's  vehicle slid on an icy road and into the path of a passing train.  Fifty years later, members of the Griffith Police Department, Griffith town officials, surviving family members and Police Chaplain Father Mens gathered at Ridgelawn Cemetery in memory of the fallen officer.  
A police department press release says that In 1965, Texas Minter was one of four officers appointed to the Griffith Police Department when it was officially formed by the newly created Griffith Metropolitan Police Commission.  Appointed as a Sergeant, Texas Minter demonstrated himself to be a leader and was quickly appointed to the Lieutenant’s position, a position he retained throughout the remainder of his service with the department. 
Known both personally and professionally as a gentle and distinguished man, Lt. Minter was a devoted husband to his wife Elsa and an inspiring example to his nieces and nephew.  When not acting as a law enforcement officer, Lt. Minter enjoyed family and capturing the beauty of life through his hobby of photography.  When acting as a law enforcement officer, Lt. Minter was known as being fiercely protective to his oath as an officer and enjoyed a reputation of being a diligent protector of both the officers and citizens of Griffith.
Chief Mance says, “Lt. Minter’s reputation as an officer is an inspiration to us all and memorials like the one given today are a small token of our ongoing appreciation for the ultimate sacrifice he gave 50 years ago.”
In addition, Chief Mance thanked BerylMartin design studio for their donation of a memorial portrait that was given to the family and memorial programs that were given to the memorial attendees.
Chief Mance also thanked Griffith FOP lodge #161 for the memorial wreath that they placed at Lt. Minter’s grave.


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