Authorities Need Help Identifying Cold Case Victims

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INSP Cold Case victim 1
INSP Cold Case victim 2
INSP Cold Case victim 3
Indiana State Police, in conjunction with the Jasper and Newton County Coroner's Offices, are seeking your help to identify three male homicide victims that were discovered in October of 1983, but may have gone missing as much as a year before their discovery. Authorities say the first and second victims were located in Newton County, one-half mile north of State Road 10, on the west side of U-S 41 in Lake Village. The third victim was located off County Road 100 West, one-quarter mile south of Bunkum Road, in Rensselaer.
Victim #1 (see attached photo) is a white male, between 17-23 years of age, around 5’02”–5’09” in height, and with light to normal muscularity for a young adult male. Victim #1 has two tattoos on his right forearm: one is described as a jail-type modified cross and the other as a modified rectangle. The victim was found wearing a pair of size 30x30 brown slacks, size 10½ brown ankle-high fleeced boots, Jockey brand underwear, along with one white tube sock with black/red stripes, and one white tube sock with red/blue stripes. He may be from the Southwestern to central part of Indiana, Eastern part of Illinois, or Kentucky.
Victim #2 (see attached photo) is a black male, between 15-18 years of age, around 5’8 to 6’2 (possibly 5’11) in height, and with normal muscularity for a teenage male. He was possibly last seen near Terre Haute, Indiana between State Road 63 and US 41, and was recovered at the same location as Victim #1. Victim #2 was wearing a white T-Shirt, Levi’s brand jeans, a stretch belt with the word Devil in red on the band and a gold buckle saying JEANS, pajama bottoms (27” inseam), size 34 boxer shorts, size 10 black fleece-lined suede Hush Puppy brand boots, a white tube sock with red/blue stripes and a white tube sock with blue/yellow stripes.
Victim #3 is a white male, between 20-22 years of age, around 5’06”-5’08” in height, with a slight build and reddish shoulder length hair. He was possibly last seen on US 41 near Vincennes, Indiana. Victim #3 was wearing Levi’s brand jeans, tennis, shoes and a gray hooded sweat shirt. He may have had a lighter with the name Arlene on it (see attached photo).
If anyone has information on the identity of these individuals, please contact the Indiana State Police at (800) 453-4756 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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