Gary Schools Get Check for Unclaimed Property

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Have you ever gone online to search for something you didn't even know you had? Well today the Gary Community School Corporation got a check for about 21-hundred dollars in unclaimed property. Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller says that's part of some 43-million dollars in forgotten assets in northwest Indiana alone, 350-million statewide. Zoeller encouraged Region residents to look for their own unclaimed property, which could include accounts or wages, and pointed out that business owners and charitable organizations should also check each year for unclaimed property.
“Presenting this check to Gary Community School serves as a reminder for everyone to check for their own unclaimed property.  With more than $350 million total unclaimed proeperty, and $43 million in the Northwest region alone, it is part of my role to inform Hoosiers how to find and claim it.  Times are still tight for a lot of people and I want everyone to know how easy it is to search for money that you may never knew existed in the form of accounts or wages,” Zoeller said.
Making a claim with the Attorney General’s Unclaimed Property Division is free and easy.  Zoeller encourages all Hoosiers to visit  to search for their name, their relatives, neighbors and friends’ names.  The Indiana Unclaimed Property database is also now mobile.  Anyone can search for free through the mobile application — just use keyword Indiana Unclaimed to download.  The app makes it easy to look for unclaimed property.  Business owners and charitable organizations should also check annually for unclaimed property. 
Unclaimed property includes investment earnings, insurance proceeds and benefits, wages, and money from savings and checking accounts. Less than one percent of unclaimed assets are tangible, physical items, such as those found in safe-deposit boxes. It is important to note that unclaimed property does NOT include abandoned vehicles or real estate.
In 2012, more than 40,000 new properties valued at more than $6.6 million dollars were reported and originate from the five county Northwest Indiana region. This money belongs to residents or former residents of the area or their heirs. The state holds these assets for 25 years after they are reported.


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