Region Parents Raising Funds for Daughter's Operation

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Imagine being the parents of two happy, active and normal teenage daughters and then getting the news no parent ever wants to hear--one of your daughters is seriously ill.

About a year ago the parents of 17 year-old Amy Bullert of LaCrosse was worried that her daughter had pneumonia but it turned out to be much worse. Amy's mother Lisa, sensed it might be something more so both her and her husband, Austin took their daughter to ER for a second opinion and discovered that Amy was in congestive heart failure brought on by a virus that infected her kidneys.
The mother said, "we found out at Riley's last summer that the whole time we were told she had an upper respiratory infection that she was in congestive heart failure yet she went to school and worked hard." Amy was immediately flown to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis where the family received an even "bigger blow," her kidneys had shut down.

Lisa said Amy was on a ventilator for 17 days and the entire family including her close sibling Kimmy, stayed at the hospital for two months. There the family was told that Amy needed a kidney transplant. Luckily, a suitable donor was found right away and close by, "My amazing husband is a perfect match, said Lisa."

That all happened almost a year ago and now Lisa said the family is concentrating on raising funds to help defray the cost of Amy's transplant, which will be scheduled as soon as their goal is reached. The family has set a 45 day time limit to reach their goal so their daughter can have the operation on the one year anniversary of her illness. That way Amy will be all healed up and ready for her senior year at school. And when asked what her daughter would like to do when she got own, her mom Lisa said that Amy wanted to be a surgical nurse, now she would like to be a kidney surgical nurse. Lisa said both her daughters are amazing and have a very bright future, "destined to do good things and help many."
If you would like to help contribute toward Amy's transplant the family has set up an online donation site at under "Amy's Answer":
Or you can checkout Lisa's Facebook page by at Lisa Vaughan Bullert. Hear our interview with Amy's mom at News Audio On Demand:
Kimmy Bullert (L) with sister Amy (R)
(photo courtesy Lisa Bullert)
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