Minor Injuries When Garbage Truck Hits Rail Bridge

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Authorities report minor injuries to the truck driver after a garbage truck struck and damaged a railroad bridge this morning in Hudson Lake in La Porte County, toward the eastern end of the commuter line's service. La Porte County Sheriffs Police say upon arrival their deputies located a garbage truck that was wedged under the rural South Shore Railroad underpass at Point Road/Lake Park Avenue in the community of Hudson Lake.
Deputies learned that the driver suffered minor injuries to his face that were not life threatening.  Police say a preliminary investigation has determined the garbage truck had been traveling along East Lake Park Avenue when the driver tried to drive under the overpas,but the truck was too tall to fit under the 11’8” overpass and became wedged underneath.  As a result of the collision, the bridge and track sustained damage which resulted in the disruption of service to the rail road. 
South Shore is busing passengers between South Bend and Michigan City, and NICTD is advising passengers to expect delays to trains scheduled to originate or terminate in South Bend because of busing. NICTD spokesman John Parsons told the Region News Team that some trains are being annulled while the bridge is out of service, and those are trains that originate in South Bend and terminate in Michigan City, late-evening trains that are basically equipment moves to Michigan City that they open to service.
Parsons says there could be some rush-hour delays today related to busing, but they're not anticipated to have much of an impact through Lake and Porter Counties. Overall, throughout the day there are five trains that originate and return to South Bend, out of more than forty total.
Here is the NICTD website:  . You can also hear more of our conversation with NICTD Spokesman John Parsons at News Audio on Demand here at our website.


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