Valpo's Economic Development Director Moves On

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Matt Muprhy, the current Economic Development Director for the City of Valparaiso

Matt Murphy will leave his position as Economic Development Director for the City of Valparaiso effective July 31st, according to an announcement made Monday afternoon by Mayor Jon Costas who said that Murphy will continue to contribute to the economic development of the city, but as a business owner.

The Mayor told Region News that Murphy made a big impact for the growth of the city, "Matt has served the city so well in helping us grow and build our business infrastructure."  The mayor added that Murphy, "came out of the private sector and now this is a wonderful opportunity (for Murphy) to grow a local business that he purchased from his father-in-law."  Beginning in August Murphy will lead Jifco Products Inc., a family-owned CNC precision Machine Shop located on Brown Street in Valparaiso.

While Mayor Costas expressed the city's appreciation for Murphy's contributions as the City's director of development, who joined the city in 2007, he said the city is grateful that Murphy "will remain in our city, leading a positive employer and continuing to serve on our Board of Works and Safety" in a volunteer capacity, said Costas.

According to a press release from the mayor's office, Murphy has been instrumental in assisting companies to expand and remain in Valparaiso, including the expansion of North Coast Distributing, UGN Inc. and Task Force Tips, as well as bringing in new companies, such as Paul Wirth, Inc. and AM Stabilizers.

As far as filling the position the mayor said, "it's a very important position, very close advisor to me in many ways so we're going to simply take our time and consider all sectors.  We're going to make sure we that we're able to find somebody that cna take the batton and take the city to new heights."


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