Investigation Begins at Mt Baldy Using EPA Equipment

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mt baldy marker
(A white rod marks the location on Mt Baldy where a 6 year old boy became trapped in the dune)

The National Park Service, in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency, began an on-site investigation Monday morning at Mount Baldy, in Michigan City, using ground-penetrating radar equipment to determine why an incident occurred one month ago to-the-day when a six-year-old boy was swallowed up on the giant dune, and buried under eleven-feet of sand for three-and-a-half hours before being rescued.   Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Public Information Officer Bruce Rowe says Mt Maldy will remain closed for reasons of public safety until they understand the science behind what caused the incident to occur in the first place.  Rowe thanked the E-P-A for providing the equipment necessary to conduct this portion of their investigation, which Francisco Arcaute, EPA Region Five Spokesman, says provides a series of images up to 30 feet under the ground, much like an ultrasound. 
mt baldy park closed
Rowe says after the incident received so much publicity, they received information of two similar incidents, one from a man who stepped into a hole at Mt Baldy many years ago that went up to his knees, and another from a person in southwestern Michigan, who was on a private dune, who reported seeing a hole similar to the one on July 12th a couple of years ago, but in both cases, the incidents had not been reported until now.
mt baldy equip
Authorities say the equipment will be at the site as long as necessary, and will cover a vast majority of the 42 acre dune, but until a reason for why a hole opened up in the first place can be ascertained, Mt. Baldy remains closed to the public.   To hear the press conference, click News Audio On Demand at
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