Safe Schools Active Shooter Program Being Presented

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Training session in Knox [Photo/Indiana State Police]
Today (Wednesday Sept 25, 2013) in Lake Station, the state-sanctioned "Safe Schools/Active Shooter" program is coming to Edison High School.  Lt. Jerry Williams, District Commander Indiana State Police, Lowell Post, says the program shows school leaders how to be better prepared in the event of an "active shooter" situation.  "We will be doing some role-playing, giving the administrators an idea of how difficult, for example, it is to hear a gunshot go off inside of a school building," Lt. Williams said, and how difficult it is to "really pinpoint where that shot is actually coming from".
Training session in Knox [Photo/Indiana State Police]
Indiana State Police at Lowell held its very first Safe Schools/Active Shooter Training session in August for school administrators. That training session was conducted at Knox Middle School and was attended by 40 school administrators from Starke and Pulaski Counties.
During the training session, troopers instructed school personnel on proper tactics for survival during an active shooter event. Troopers also conducted an active shooter scenario using blank ammunition. The scenario was designed to give the administrators a feel of what it might be like during an actual active shooter situation.
The training session was the result of several months of preparation by Indiana State Police in cooperation with the Indiana Department of Education to provide training for school administrators on the proper response to an active shooter.
The Indiana State Police has been tasked to serve as the lead agency in coordinating active shooter training with local school corporations throughout the entire state. Indiana State Police Superintendent Douglas Carter and Governor Mike Pence want to ensure that every effort is being made to provide the safest possible environment for all children in the State of Indiana.
This coordinated effort was launched early on with the Department of Education to create and implement a statewide training program that would involve all parties responsible for the care and safety of our children. This program, which was already in the developmental stages before tragedy in Newtown, CT, has come to be known as the “Safe Schools/Active Shooter” program. Dr. Rich Hogue of the Department of Education has been assigned as a liaison with the Indiana State Police to assist in this endeavor.
The purpose of this program is to educate school administrative personnel on proper response to an active shooter situation, how law enforcement responds to active shooter situations and what school personnel can do to mitigate injury and the loss of life in an active shooter situation.
Indiana State Police at the Lowell Post says those interested in having a Safe Schools/Active Shooter presentation at your school or who want more information about the program are asked to contact Sergeant Ann Wojas at 1-800-552-8917.


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