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23 Things Every Women Should Stop Doing

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The Huffington Post has released its list of the 23 things every woman should stop doing. (I'm guilty of a bunch, are you?)

1.  Apologizing all the time.

2.  Saying "yes" to everyone else.

3.  Saying "no" to yourself.

4.  Viewing food as the enemy.

5. Body-snarking -- out loud or in your own head.  Stop putting your looks down, period.

6.  Feeling like an impostor when you accomplish something professionally.  Women are more likely than men to  feel like "impostors"  at work, often doubting whether we deserve the successes we achieve.  Start taking your accomplishments at face value.

7.  Obsessively untagging every "unflattering" photo of you that ever existed online.

8.  Comparing your real life to someone else’s virtual one.  Spending a ton of time obsessing over your own online life can be anxiety-provoking -- but so can obsessing over  other  peoples’ virtual personas.

9.  Holding on to regrets and guilt.

10.  Wearing heels every day. 

11.  Judging other women’s sex lives.

12.  Judging your own sex life.

13.  Trying to be "chill."   Maybe you truly are the "cool girl" who loves nothing more than kicking back with a six-pack and a movie.  But for those of us who don’t possess the "chill" gene, let’s stop trying.

14.  Fearing the label "crazy."   There is no easier way to discredit a woman’s opinion or feelings than to accuse her of being overly emotional.

15.  WebMD-ing everything.

16.  Worrying that your life doesn’t look like Pinterest.  You are not Martha Stewart.  You will probably never make that DIY floating bookshelf.

17.  Fearing being alone.

18.  Being in relationships for the sake of having a relationship.

19.  Not taking advantage of your vacation days.

20.  Holding on to toxic friendships.

21.  Spending time with people out of obligation.

22.  Being embarrassed about your interests. 

23.  Setting deadlines for major life events.


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