Born in Northwest Indiana, Laura's a graduate of River Forest High School (home of the Ingots) and got her bachelor's degree from Purdue and a master's from Indiana University [we think she roots for both even when they play each other].

Her work has won several awards from the Indiana Broadcasters Association, Society of Professional Journalists/Indiana Chapter, and Network Indiana. She has also had academic papers selected for presentation at national conferences like the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication and Broadcast Education Association.

Laura watched her share of game shows growing up and one summer while in California, she's chosen to be a contestant on "Sale of the Century". Her TV favorites include The Honeymooners, Project Runway, Seinfeld, The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who and Star Trek (TNG and the original). She also enjoys crossword puzzles and when asked what some of her favorite places to visit are she says -- office supply stores.


Dunes Dog Training Club May Classes

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The Dunes Dog Training Club's next Beginner Obedience class will start on May 7th. Classes are held at the club building, located at 110 N. Main St. in Hebron, IN. This class is for dogs 6 months of age & older; cost for the class is $90.00 for the 8 week session. Owners must bring proof of their dog's current vaccinations on the first night; dogs should be wearing a metal training collar attached to a 6ft leather leash. Experienced instructors will teach owners how to train their dogs in basic obedience, using positive reinforcement only, in the form of treats & praise. For further information please call 219-996-4770, 219-916-1594, 219-756-7035.

The Dunes Dog Training Club's next Puppy Obedience Class will begin on May 14th. This class is for puppies 2-6 months of age; cost for the class is $80.00 for the 7 week session. Classes are held at the club building, located at 110 N. Main St. in Hebron, IN. Puppies should be wearing a flat, buckle-type collar attached to a 6ft leather leash. Experienced instructors teach owners how to train their puppies in very basic obedience, using positive reinforcement only, in the form of treats. For further information please call 219-996-4770, 219-916-1594, 219-756-7035.


Severe Weather Planning for Pets: Easy as 1-2-3

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INDIANAPOLIS (17 March 2014)—As cold winter weather yields to sunny days, Hoosier pet owners should plan now for the inevitable stormy weather that arrives with spring. Preparing now can keep every member of the family (including those with fur or feathers) safe in the face of tornadoes, flooding or power outages.

According to Sandra Norman, DVM, Companion Animal Director for the Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH), planning is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

“Preparedness planning for pets is not hard to do,” explains Dr. Norman. “Just think ahead to what your pet would need for three to five days if life is disrupted by a disaster. There are really just three components to have in a disaster plan.”
• A “Go Kit”:  Have assembled, in one place and ready to grab in an instant, everything a pet would need for a three- to five-day trip away from home. This includes a crate/carrier, water and food bowls, bottled water and food, leash, treats, toys, medications, copies of vaccination records and (for cats) litter and a disposable litter pan.

“A Go Kit should be customized to the individual needs of each animal, whether it’s a cat or bird or large dog. Everything should be in one place, ready to go to keep your pet comfortable,” she said.
•An evacuation plan:  Pre-determine three to five places where your pet can stay if you must leave your home quickly. This could be a kennel, veterinary clinic with boarding services, the home of a friend or family member, or (for those who prefer to stay with their pets) pet-friendly hotels. Have all the contact information, including addresses and phone numbers stored in Go Kit or on a smart phone. Identify places 5 miles to 20 miles away from home, in case the disaster area is widespread.

“Confirming policies and selecting sites ahead of time can ease much stress in an emergency,” said Dr. Norman.
•A shelter-in-place plan:  In some situations, staying at home (or “sheltering in place”) may be the best option for your pet. When you need to stay put with your animals, secure them indoors, like in a bathroom, barn or garage, preferably without windows. The smaller space will protect the pet from injury from debris or weather conditions. If possible, provide the added security of a crate or cage, to provide a calm environment when pets are more likely to act out under stress.

“Bathrooms are ideal, because they are small, have running water, and often pet-friendly flooring,” she explained.

A disaster plan for animals does not have to be complicated or difficult to prepare.

“The important thing is to have everything in one place and, in the case of evacuation plans, written down,” Dr. Norman notes. “The extra 10 or 15 minutes you will save by not having to gather everything on your way out the door, can mean the difference between life or death to you and your pet.”

For more information on disaster planning for animals, visit the BOAH website at www.boah.in.gov or Facebook at www.facebook.com/inboah . [Indiana State Board of Animal Health news release]


Photos:Coast Guard Crew Rescues Dog Stranded on Ice

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Michigan-based Coast Guard cutter crew rescues dog stranded on ice on Lake St. Clair.  

rescue one

Crew members assigned to Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay assist a dog they found stranded on the ice of Lake St. Clair March 4, 2014. The crew transported the dog to the ship and hoisted him aboard, where he was provided food and first aid before being transferred to an area animal shelter for further care.  //U.S. Coast Guard photo courtesy Cutter Bristol Bay
rescue two

The dog was taken inside the ship, where he was provided food and first aid before being transferred to an area animal shelter for further care. //U.S. Coast Guard photo courtesy Cutter Bristol Bay The Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay is a 140-foot ice-breaking tug homeported in Detroit.  The crew of the cutter rescued another dog who was stranded on the ice back in March 2011: http://greatlakes.coastguard.dodlive.mil/2011/03/big-dog-in-big-trouble-coast-guardsmen-rescue-great-dane-from-frozen-lake-huron/


Sponsors Sought for "Pet Rock 2014"

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From Betty Clayton, Executive Director, Humane Society Northwest Indiana:

At this time we are asking for monetary donations for our March 29th. “PET ROCK 2014” Fundraiser. We would be grateful for whatever you could donate to us.   We are asking you to become a Sponsor of this event. Sponsors will be given promotion at our event and all levels of sponsorship will be listed in our program.   Silver, Gold and Platinum Sponsors will be announced from the stage at the event’s start and again on one of the bands breaks during announcements. There will also be a sponsor Poster by all entrances and exits listing all the various sponsors. The larger the donation, the bigger the font size on the posters. (Poster to be provided by the business)  

Levels of Sponsor Donations  

$100-249 - “Bronze Sponsors”

$250-499- “Silver Sponsors”

$500-999- “Gold Sponsors”

$1000 & up- “Platinum Sponsors”  

We have to work very hard to raise funds. It is not easy but we do it for the animals. And for all of us working to save animals’ lives, it’s hard to fathom that so many animals are not wanted or are intentionally mistreated or are victims of violence.    It is for those animals that we do what we do and I know that is why you help us.   We work hard to see that all of the animals are well taken care of while they remain at our shelter and then we work as hard to find them responsible and loving forever homes.   Our purpose is to do whatever we can to protect defenseless animals from humans who do not care for them and look upon them as disposable items, or who would cause them pain or suffering.  That is our mission!   You help us make a difference in our Humane Society. Thank you!!   Humane Society Northwest Indiana 6100 Melton Rd. Gary, In.46443 1-219-938-3339 1-219-938-4294  (Fax)   HOURS Monday - 11:00 - 3:00 Tuesday - 11:00 - 3:00 Wednesday - 11:00 - 3:00 Thursday - CLOSED Friday - 11:00 - 4:00 Saturday - 11:00 - 5:00 Sunday - CLOSED


Last Chance Rescue: Buster

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From Last Chance Rescue: Buster’s person died and he is longing for a forever home. He is a white Maltese, 9 years old, very small pup – about 18 pounds. He is housebroken, good with other dogs, and should be fine with cats and older kids. He likes to run, so he needs a fenced yard to keep him safe and happy. He is neutered and current on vaccinations. Please call Last Chance Rescue if you are interested in Buster, 219-677-2961.


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