Salvation Army Bell Ringing Driving N.H. Woman Mad

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Salvation Army Bell Ringing Driving N.H. Woman Mad A New Hampshire woman has called the cops on the Salvation Army. Her complaint? Loud bell-ringing.Sarah Hamilton-Parker, who works in Portsmouth jewelry store Lovell Designs, says the Salvation Army has been encamped outside her store every year for the past four. By her calculation, she has been exposed to 1,400 hours of bell-ringing."My customers complain about it," she tells ABC News. "They ask me how I possibly can stand it." In fact, she cannot. She has to wear ear plugs in the store to keep her sanity, but even those can't keep out the noise of the four people outside, standing alongside one of the Army's signature red pots, lustily clanging away. The store's huge plate glass windows, she says, only make the nose worse. "They bring it in," she says.

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