Important Tax Mailing Friday

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Friday [September 28, 2012] is a big day for Porter County property owners... it's the day State Form 11 – the Notice of Assessment -- gets mailed out, a week earlier this year than last year, says Porter County Assessor Jon Snyder.  At the time of mailing Snyder says the taxpayer will have 45 days to file an appeal with the County Assessor in order to challenge the assessed value provided... and in Porter County, you can do that online during the timeframe at , or by mailing an appeal to the Assessor's office, or by walking in. The Assessors Office will have extended hours of 8am to 5pm October first thru November 13th.


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Porter County Assessors Office staff [Photo provided]

Here is the full news release from the Porter County Assessor's Office:

VALPARAISO – Form 11’s to be mailed this Friday

Porter County Assessor Jon Snyder intends to mail State Form 11, Notice of Assessment, on Friday, September 28th to all taxpayers in Porter County. This is a full week sooner than last year’s mailing.

“This form is bittersweet” Snyder said. “Some assessments will go down and some will go up”

It is important to note that 2012 is a reassessment year and that everything about an assessment has changed. The land value approved by the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals and the cost tables provided by the State of Indiana are completely different than prior years. Prior influence factors which impacted assesses value were also removed. This will result in an entirely new assessment.

At the time of mailing the taxpayer will have 45 days to file an appeal with the County Assessor in order to challenge the assessed value provided. No exceptions will be granted for untimely filings.

A taxpayer may appeal during the timeframe at, by mailing an appeal to 155 Indiana Ave, Ste, 211 Valparaiso IN 46383, or by walking in between the extended hours of 8-5. The taxpayer will be asked immediately for evidence to support the appeal. This evidence may include comparable sales from March 2, 2010 – March 1, 2012, an appraisal from the same timeframe, or any other relevant support for the challenge.

This mailing marks an important step in the property tax billing cycle. Snyder said “It is a goal of my office to wrap all appeals filed before the tax bills are mailed next year but that will depend on the number of appeals filed.” If this goal is reached than tax refunds with interest will not be necessary in 2013.


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