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Smart 911 Available in Porter County

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A new 911 service that's currently available in 23 states and only in the Porter County area of Indiana, saves seconds when getting pertinent information to the 911 dispatcher and it's available free of charge. Paige Connelly, Public Information Officer, Porter County Central Communications, says along with general information like the phone number, location, number of occupants at an address, other details can be included.  Connelly says anyone can register online even if there area is not served—and Smart911 is especially good for family members visiting from out-of-town.  She also says that Porter County the first region in the state to recognize the value of the system Connelly says everyone should use it.  To sign up you just simply need to log onto smart911.com.  To hear the entire interview with Paige Connelly, click on the "Smart 911" link on my Audio player.   -Jay





(courtesy of www.portercountysheriff.com )



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