Lake Co Master Gardeners Website

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Lake County Master Gardeners Association, Inc. News Release:

Lake County Master Gardeners Association, Inc. has its first website for the general public to peruse for plant information, upcoming events, and gardening projects.

Due to Class of 2010’s Gayle Smotek’s relentless efforts, the curious will learn about what the organization does regularly. At the December plant sale meeting, Dian Fruth suggested the Lake County Library offers free web sites to not-for-profit organizations. Identifying LCMG as a 5013c group, Gayle discussed the need with Lynn Jackson, website coordinator, who offered numerous suggestions as well as sending library policy and regulations. Patiently helping Gayle set up the site as well as teaching her how to add updates, with numerous duties Ms. Jackson stressed her willingness to answer questions, suggesting Weebly as a sample site.

Researching other websites, Gayle created pertinent material on several pages and sent them to Kathy Kick, plant sale chairman, Sharon Taylor-Raduchel, President, and Nikky Witkowski, Purdue Extension educator/coordinator. With their additions and corrections, Gayle offered pictures and revisions to Lynn Jackson, who gave directions on how to edit, get it on the server, and then to the website.

Truly a team effort, the LCMG encourages readers to view